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  • Silicon and Manganese Prices Continue to Watch and See After the Market Mentality(20/06/2019)

    CFO2019-6-20: At present, the silicon and manganese market continues to be tight and the price is firm. Market supply is difficult to find, factory orders are scheduled until July, no offer or offer c

  • The acceptance of manganese ore is temporarily low(19/06/2019)

    CFO 2019-6-19:Monday, the spot price of manganese ore gradually increased, Tianjin Port mainstream manganese ore price generally increased by 2.0 yuan/ton, downstream alloy manufacturers of manganese

  • Manganese Ore Silicon Manganese Heading for Good High Manganese Heart(18/06/2019)

    CFO2019-06-18: Recently, the high manganese market activity has increased, factory shipments are smooth, mostly to implement orders, the overall operation of the market is relatively stable, currently

  • Manganese ore: Downstream Driving Price Rising with Confidence(17/6/2019)

    CFO 2019-6-17: The market of downstream silicon manganese alloy is steadily moving forward. The atmosphere of sparse supply and high price are obviously upward, while the spot tens

  • Silicon-manganese tight confidence better follow-up development is still on the horizon(05/06/2019)

    CFO 2019-6-5: Recently, the spot market of silicon and manganese is tighter, with more orders from factories. Most of the orders from factories are scheduled to the middle and late of June. With the s

  • Reduced spot liquidity(15/5/2019)

    CFO2019-5-15: Since the market has been returned to the market this week, as the silicon-manganese enterprises in various regions have successively indicated that the spot orders are mainly produced,

  • Manganese Mines: The Key Points of Dealing Concern Slow Down(13/05/2019)

    CFO2019-5-13: Despite the high external cost support, the manganese ore market is not lack of price sentiment. However, the downstream alloy factories have a relatively light purchasing willingness, i

  • Manganese ore: stick to the bottom line before the holiday (29/04/2019)

    CFO 2019-4-29:Manganese ore spot market due to cost support and weak demand, manganese miners are low-cost transactions and the price does not coexist, and with the gradual consumption of low-cost sou

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